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Parque Warner Madrid
country: Spain, Europe

Spain: great weather; wild-west landscape; swimming pools everywhere; warm, amiable and flirty people; wild kissing on the piazza; celebration of street life. And in the middle of all that, the American theme park outpost Parque Warner Madrid. Suprisingly, it blends in very well! Batman, Superman, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Marty the Martian all speak Spanish and entertain the kids, while teens and adults ride the latest roller coasters, dark rides, flume rides and river...

country: Spain, Europe

Spain's PortAventura resort contains both the PortAventura theme park and the adjacent Costa Caribe water park. It has a truly remarkable ownership history, having changed hands from Tussauds Group and Anheuser-Busch to Universal Studios and later from Universal to a Spanish banking group called Caixa. 'Universal Mediterranea', once Europe's only Universal-branded theme park, has since been abandoned by Universal Studios. Not sure what that should tell us. Ride-wise,...

Costa Caribe
country: Spain, Europe

Costa Caribe is a solid water park, which contains a couple of good water slides and is refreshing after a long day of walking through PortAventura next door.
It still sports the Universal Studios brand, but isn't owned by them anymore. ...

Siam Park Tenerife
country: Spain, Europe

Siam Park Tenerife is a wonderful addition to the European water park family, which is pretty small compared to the United States. Three major attractions make this water park unmissable:- 'Tower of Power', a nearly-vertical slide leading through an alligator's pool (at the time of writing the alligators didn't make it to the park as they didn't get through customs)- 'Dragon', a funnel-shaped slide (it's called a 'ProSlide Tornado') which is the only one of its kind in...

Paramount Park Spain
country: Spain, Europe

Construction of this exceptionally promising major theme park venture in the south-east of Spain hasn't commenced to date, yet I was able to secure a brochure from the mayor's office in Alhama de Murcia. Paramount endures a somewhat unfortunate history with regards to theme park announcements: none of their proclaimed parks in Hangzhou/Shanghai (announced in 2005), Dubai (2007) or Korea (2008) got off the ground so far. As with Paramount Movie Park Korea, progress on the...

Isla Magica

Visited 2011. Classic theme park built around a central lagoon with all the standard lands and attractions. Solid for the locals, but doesn't justify boarding a flight for it...

Terra Mitica

Visited 2011. Visible love went into creating this well-themed venture. Extremely few visitors. Probably struggles to survive. No on-site hotels. Ride quality varies: the wooden roller coaster is outright awful, while the 'Labyrinth of the Minotaur' dark ride is impressive given that this is not a Universal or Disney theme park. Thumbs up!...

Aqualand Tenerife

Visited 2009. The only question I had was: where is world-class Siam Park Tenerife? The answer I got: around the corner! How do they manage to survive?...

Results : 8

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