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Paramount Park Spain

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Date Visited:
November 05, 2011
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Construction Update November 05, 2011

Construction of this exceptionally promising major theme park venture in the south-east of Spain hasn't commenced to date, yet I was able to secure a brochure from the mayor's office in Alhama de Murcia. 

Paramount endures a somewhat unfortunate history with regards to theme park announcements: none of their proclaimed parks in Hangzhou/Shanghai (announced in 2005), Dubai (2007) or Korea (2008) got off the ground so far. As with Paramount Movie Park Korea, progress on the proposed Spain park gambles on the quest for non-Paramount investors to provide the necessary funds (that is, according to the brochure: 500 million EUR for the theme park, and 500 million EUR for the adjacent 'Lifestyle City' that includes hotels, shopping and infrastructure). I dearly hope it will work out this time, otherwise Paramount's creative teams may slowly grow tired from seeing their concepts never being put into practice.

Above all, the biggest of all questions remains: will these parks live up to the standards of Universal Studios theme parks (5 star) or hover at the Warner Brothers level (3-4 stars)? If Disney and/or Universal standards will be matched or beaten, finally a third major theme park player will drop anchor. We will see. Hopefully we will see it here, in Alhama de Murcia.

Wherever there's a theme park announcement......there is also......a Theme Park Guy!Alhama de Murcia, southern SpainIt's a medium-sized villageAn original Alhama-de-MurcianParamount Park Spain brochurePark sections Adventure City (bottom), Rango's West (left), Woodland Fantasy (top)Park sections Woodland Fantasy (top left) and Plaza Futura (top right)Rango's West roller coaster on the left, Sleepy Hollow dark ride at the topWarp Speed launch coaster sticking out of the Plaza Futura sectionMediterranean Paramount Park entranceThe road that passes the proposed Paramount Park siteiPhone pinpointing the locationThis is where Paramount Park Spain is planned to be builtThe exact spot of the proposed Paramount Park SpainFuture Paramount terrain?Paramount theme park Spain pre-birth stageCoto privado de caza!The Paramount territory isn't completely emptyHollywood Hills feelAll this will have to make space for ParamountMurcia, site of the future Paramount movie theme parkPuerto de Mazzaron close-by
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