The Guy and His Idea (Nov 2007)

Dear theme park lover, industry professional or lost-in-cyberspace visitor,

Welcome to my website adventure launched in November 2007.

I’ve been a big admirer of theme parks pretty much since I was born and from the age of ten I dreamt of having my very own. I believe that the coming years and decades will see colossal changes to the industry and the storytelling abilities of its rides: the time of classic ‘up-and-down’,’ left-and-right’, ‘curve-and-stop’ entertainment is over. The technology of the future will make theme park rides an art form.

My ongoing journey to theme parks around the globe is also a study of diverse cultures and the different responses these playgrounds evoke in them. Japanese are crazy about souvenirs, Americans love roller coasters and Eastern Europeans like to flirt in water parks – there is so much to discover!

I won’t attempt to provide you with exact data about roller coasters, second-by-second ride descriptions and engineering facts and figures; there are already brilliant websites out there doing all this. My aim is to give you an overview of all theme parks in the world through pictures, text and video, from the ground and from the air, whether they are under construction, up-and-running or half-demolished. I’ll visit them all personally and write the reviews from my heart telling you how the parks “feel”, how much creativity went into them and, of course, how good the rides are.

Fasten your seat belts!

Stefan Zwanzger
The Theme Park Guy

The ingenious hat makers
The Theme Park Guy
Getting into details everywhere!


Why this website? And who is The Theme Park Guy?

Pure Passion! I was born in Germany in 1979, growing up in Munich and later living in Berlin, Bratislava, Dubai and London. I started my first website in 1997 and ran my own affiliate marketing and film-making company for 8 years, but nothing ever struck me as passionately as becoming The Theme Park Guy: the man with the roller coaster hat who travels around the globe, visiting, photographing and reviewing all current and upcoming theme parks.

Who pays for all the trips, tickets and helicopter flights?

Myself. Not Mom, not Dad, not a rich Auntie, nor any company, sponsor or sleeping partner.

So where did The Theme Park Guy get all his money from?

I was lucky with my affiliate marketing business in a previous life or, more precisely, in the 8 years prior to starting this adventure. I also produced/directed movies but never made a dime out of them. Have a look:

The guy and the hat

You are an adult. Don't you have something better to do?

Definitely not. This is the best thing I could ever be doing; I’m absolutely passionate about theme parks! I’m not making any profit from the site yet, but I’d rather be buried in a mass grave than stop doing this.

Where is The Theme Park Guy based?

Now residing in the UAE, and previously in Stockholm, London and Singapore. But you can find me anywhere!

Doesn’t it feel strange to travel around the world with a roller coaster hat taking pictures of all these theme parks?

It does. Especially when someone on an airplane asks you what you’re doing.

Cool roller coaster hat! I will make my own. Will you sue me for that?

Don't you dare think about it!

How does your rating work?

My personal 1-5 star rating works like this: I'm an optimist and I always start with a 5 when I enter a new theme park. If everything in there is new and creative, it stays a 5, if there are Disneyland copies all over the place, it drops to a 4 straight away. Then, if the staff is rude (to specify here: if two or more employees have personalities worse than ghost train animatronics!) the park loses another point. There's no excuse for rude staff members in a theme park, as they have by far easier and happier customers to deal with than in an airport transit hotel! Therefore, 3 would be my rating for a very very good park with tacky Disney copies and rude staff. From there the stars go on dropping if the coasters are not good, the park is dirty, the opening times are inconvenient, the food is overpriced and so on and so on... If you are adamant that I have given one of the parks the wrong rating, tell me why and I'll have a look at the park again.

Another helicopter photo ride Another spy trip to a construction site

Will you make an update when there is something new in a park?

I will hop on a plane, shoot new pictures and post them on the site.

Can I work with or for The Theme Park Guy?

Yes please! I always need a local assistant for my theme park visits. If you live close to a great theme park, drop me an e-mail. Let’s go to the park together!

Happy moments

Who takes all the photos?

Every photo on this website is taken by me, The Theme Park Guy, apart from the ones I’m in; those are taken by a friend or assistant who’s accompanying me.

How do I find out when a photo was taken?

The watermark on the photo tells you the year. If you want to know the exact date, have a look at the ‘Park visited’ date(s) at the top of the theme park’s specific page. The combination of both will tell you the exact date of the shot.

I recognized myself in one of your photos and I want to be removed! How dare you?

I’m genuinely sorry if I’ve used a photo featuring you that you are not happy about; I try to choose photos where you can’t easily recognize individuals. If you have found yourself in one of the pictures and want it to be removed from the site, just drop me an e-mail and I will instantly take it off.

Can I use photos from The Theme Park Guy website?

You are very welcome to use up to three photos on your website/project/presentation, as long as you leave the watermarks on the pictures and set a visible link to Please inform me about the implementation via the Contact Form. All photos are © by Stefan Zwanzger.

I don't like Theme Parks. It's all artificial and commercial.

It's just as artificial as your house, your car, your garage and your financial advisor. If you've never been to a theme park and are judging harshly, head to the closest Disney or Universal Studios park and reconsider afterwards!

God, I'm working and you are flying around the world visiting theme parks. I hate you!

I hate you too! Try affiliate marketing or yoga.

The Theme Park Guy The Theme Park Guy