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Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

Theme Park Guy Rating: 333
Date Visited:
March 04, 2014 / September 26, 2013
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Chimelong Ocean Kingdom Photos

Review March 04, 2014

What's your order, sir?

I'd like to have a little bit of Disneyland, mixed with chunks of Universal Studios and a portion of SeaWorld, a big portion of SeaWorld, please! Mix it really well. I want to see you mixing it. For the topping I take a bit of Atlantis Dubai, and please also add some fluffy animal characters on top. No spices.

Upsize, sir?

Yes, upsize, of course, don't you know who you are talking to?

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is spectacular, well-executed, and equipped with quality rides and animal exhibits. It's a gift to the locals, but on the global comparison it's just another copy-and-paste theme park experience, albeit with an impressive budget.

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom seen from Hengqin Bay HotelChimelong Ocean Kingdom entranceFeaturing an impressive overhead screenLove me!!Chimelong Ocean Kingdom whale shark building landmarkAquariums plentifulThis one is supposedly a little larger than the one in Singapore's Marine Life ParkImpressive!Manta rays in ZhuhaiBears, white......and brown!Water coaster, made in GermanyUp the lift hillGreat vistaDroppingWalrus Splash!What's this? Disneyland's Matterhorn?Not open yetTesting modeThis looks like fun!A lot of fun!European villageWhale shark landmark from another angleThe theme park's only operational roller coasterLocals on board!Wild and smoggyBeluga whale aquarium entranceWant to stay next to the park? Here's Hengqin Bay Hotel!Atlantis-inspired hospitality, at a cost of $160 per nightYour holiday by the sea. Apocalypse, now.

Construction Update September 26, 2013

Had the chance to visit the park while still under construction. Didn't get the permission to take photos. Huge whale shark landmark (beautiful!), lots of rides and shows in the making (exciting!), yet too early to say if this will be a great one! Will check again in summer 2014.

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