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Chimelong Paradise

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July 22, 2009
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Guangzhou's Chime Long Paradise resembles a showroom for the latest coasters and thrill rides manufactured in Europe and North America.

There is a lack of interconnecting theming and design, but the park is equipped with some solid attractions: Splash Battle, a Waterworld-inspired (though not very original) stunt show, a great dive roller coaster (that pauses just before a vertical drop, letting you peer into your screaming destiny), the first motorbike-shaped launch coaster in Asia and a ten-inversion roller coaster with its record breaking number of corkscrews make for a screaming day out.
Nevertheless, the neighboring Chime Long Waterpark tops the thrills of its dry, older brother.

Chime Long Paradise roller coasterLots of inversionsInto the coaster eyeCoaster breaking throughRacing out happy and aliveInversion-packed roller coaster rideMotorcycle-shaped launch roller coasterMotorcycle coaster in action'The highest world-class level'Dive roller coasterPlummeting into the black holeSplash elementDive coaster taking a roundShoot-the-Chutes water rideMassive splashSplash aftermathCostly stunt showHeavily inspired by Universal Studios' WaterWorld showGiant Frisbee rideHalf pipe roller coaster4-D cinema sign4-D cinemaInside the 4-D cinemaChime Long Paradise setting
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