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Siam Park City
country: Thailand, Southeast Asia

This mediocre theme/water park features something seriously unique: an adrenaline-inducing and bone-breaking water slide. I’ve never slid down such a brutal monstrosity of a slide. Three humps await you: you will probably bump your butt on the first one, but on the second you will almost certainly enjoy a short uncontrolled flight before slamming back onto the slide, then splashing with brutal force into the pool. Some of the lighter Thai guys skip like stones over...

Dream World
country: Thailand, Southeast Asia

The second biggest theme park in Bangkok's vicinity, Dream World Bangkok has a unique layout resembling a long and thin rice field (it probably was one before): 1km long and only 100m wide, visiting the park feels like wandering through a hosepipe. Highlights are a flume ride with a merciless splash, a river rapids ride with an in-the-shower feel, a relatively new inverted (hanging) roller coaster, a lovely designed 'Giant House' and a 4-D cinema with local Thai soap stars...

Wonder World Extreme Park

Visited 2015. Fairly new, but already abandoned amusement park. Had a roller coaster passing through a Ferris Wheel, both still standing. Looks quite unique and must have had an eccentric owner or designer, but probably no feasibility study...

Splash Jungle Water Park

Visited 2015. Tiny water park in Thailand's Phuket with an unreasonable ticket price of THB 1,300 / US$40 per adult. Equipped with a small wave pool, a sole slide tower and no theming, this is probably the most expensive water park-per-slide on the planet. The Phuket market cries for a competitor committed to raising the standards...

Fantasia Lagoon

Visited 2015. Themed water park built on the rooftop of The Mall Bangkapi, a major shopping mall in the east of Bangkok. Clever concept, pleasant theming, and a hit with the locals!...

Results : 5

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