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Siam Park City

Theme Park Guy Rating: 22
Date Visited:
June 01, 2008
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Siam Park City Photos


This mediocre theme/water park features something seriously unique: an adrenaline-inducing and bone-breaking water slide. I’ve never slid down such a brutal monstrosity of a slide.

Three humps await you: you will probably bump your butt on the first one, but on the second you will almost certainly enjoy a short uncontrolled flight before slamming back onto the slide, then splashing with brutal force into the pool. Some of the lighter Thai guys skip like stones over the water, right up to the concrete at the other end of the basin! Do not send your children here. I mean it. But if you are a real freak endowed with good body control, do it. It’s fun beyond any limits, even safety check limits. You might have slid down the highest and fastest slides in America, but this one will have you scared.

The drier and safer theme park area features a pleasant Jurassic Park-like ride, in which you board a safari vehicle and drive around a jungle packed with weird goggle-eyed dinosaurs. The imported ‘Vortex‘ roller coaster, which looks a bit out of place in the park, is state-of-the-art and leaves no scream unheard.

The owners are working on major improvements and due to the park’s proximity to Bangkok’s new airport, there’s a good chance of a better rating in the future.

Siam Park City entranceScary-looking Disney charactersSiam Park City aerialThis slide was my highlight, it's really scary!Looks harmless, but the splash pool at the end is too shortBrave sliderElegantly skipping like a stoneFast, but controlledAnother brave Thai guyHopping over the waterThis one is surprised by the speed with which he hops over the short splash poolOh yes, the end is closeBetter brake downCan you see both sliders in this picture?Can you feel the speed?The water slide of terrorMore harmless slidesPool with 'beach'Well-manicured suspended roller coasterThe most cutting edge ride in the parkInherited from Jerudong Park, BruneiDinotopia temple (there was no ride inside)Jurassic Adventure safariDinosaur hissing at the Jurassic ridersZoo islandPoor monkey on a leashCoaster, construction and plastic zebrasLooks like a man with a visionLittle clash of culturesReally scary, ugly, huge plastic cat
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