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India. One seventh of the world's population lives here, on a land area just above the size of Argentina. And, writing this from the perspective of a guy born in pampered Germany, the visible poverty is staggeringly shocking, as is the men/women ratio of 4:1 walking down the streets. Infrastructure provides a daunting challenge, too, and I understand why neither Disney nor Universal have set up here so far. So congratulations to Manmohan Shetty and family, and the lending...

Essel World

Visited 2013. Expansive, gated and dated amusement park with some seriously scary, rusty crap coasters. Packed with visitors it was, though (at least that was the case one day before Adlabs Imagica opened)...

Water Kingdom

Visited 2013. Essel World's water park adjacent to the amusement park is not bad in fact. Featuring nice tube rapid slides leading through the jungle (this is the way Equarius Water Park should have been done), Swiss-made slide towers and a busy, small, themed wave pool. This one will keep Essel World alive after Adlabs opens...

Pink Pearl Fun City

Visited 2017. Medium-sized water park in the outskirts of Jaipur. Equipped with a range of extremely rotten dry amusement rides, as well. The pool and slides are a hit with the locals (it gets hot in Jaipur!). International visitors are best advised to venture elsewhere, such as staying at the absolutely fantastic Raj Palace hotel...

Fun'n'Food Village Delhi

Visited 2018. Miserable amusement park & water park in the airport suburbs of one of the world's most miserable cities. Smog plentiful and a driving style from hell. ...

Results : 5

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