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Dream Park
country: Egypt, Africa

‘Drem Park' - that's what you read on the official logo attached to one of the employees' shirts. In order to have the park's name misspelled, printed, approved and finally exposed to the general public requires a real genius for sloppiness. Egypt's biggest amusement park looks good and is a welcome arrival to Cairo and the region, with the evocative backdrop of the monumental historical pyramids, but the sloppiness extends inside the park to the safety of the rides:...

Sindbad Amusement Park

Visited 2010. Very small but charming little amusement park nestled in a little valley. Nothing special, but does the job for the locals...

Wonder Land

Visited 2010. Absolutely depressing. A rotten, operating little amusement park in the backyard of a building. Terrible. Awful...

Results : 3

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