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Dream Park

Theme Park Guy Rating: 22
Date Visited:
December 14, 2010
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‘Drem Park' - that's what you read on the official logo attached to one of the employees' shirts. In order to have the park's name misspelled, printed, approved and finally exposed to the general public requires a real genius for sloppiness.

Egypt's biggest amusement park looks good and is a welcome arrival to Cairo and the region, with the evocative backdrop of the monumental historical pyramids, but the sloppiness extends inside the park to the safety of the rides: starting with staff looking the other way as people repeatedly stand on the flume ride as it plunges down, continuing with my own experience on the chain carousel that simply didn't feel secure. After these, I opted out from trying other rides.

But I have to say the locals have fun. They really do. Egyptians know how to laugh. Some even dance in the park. That's the true attraction. The rest, from coaster to camel, is amusement park standard, spiced with a bit of slapdash.

Dream ParkDrempark!Surrounded by desertThe Pyramids of Gizah in the backgroundRollercoaster in the desertDream Park EgyptMonstrous splashesI am standing! I am standing!Freedom from security!Splash!Post-splash partyImpatientCoaster camelProvoking the coaster camelSuspended roller coasterRiver rapids rideAnd standing up again!Dream Park atmosphere
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