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Siem Reap funfair
country: Cambodia, Southeast Asia

A tragic story took place here. In March 2013, a young female Japanese tourist lost her life when the roller coaster pictured below derailed. It seems incomprehensible that you can lose your life in such a ludicrously small, flat and probably slow coaster. But you can. It happened. This incident really touches me. A girl who, finding herself surrounded by the spectacular ancient temples in Siem Reap, but who chooses to ride a rotten roller coaster instead, would have been my...

Dreamland Phnom Penh

Visited 2017. Dreamland, located next door to the Cambodian capital's major casino complex Nagaworld, didn't last for long. Opened in 2011, it had already been demolished upon my visit in 2017, with the footprints of the rides left behind in the grass. The park had a bad reputation, but nevertheless: sad to see!...

Results : 2

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