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Warner Brothers Movie World

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March 04, 2009
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I will be dodging cream pies and flying shoes from loyal fans of nearby Dreamworld, but I have to confess that Warner Bros Movie World is my favorite Australian theme park. While I love the kangaroos in homegrown Dreamworld, I would always prefer Warner for its top-notch thrill rides spread across an atmospheric film-studio landscape.

The 'Superman Escape' roller coaster is an adrenaline rush, the 'Wild West Falls' flume ride approximates Disney quality (but where did the animatronics go?), 'Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster' is a decent dark ride coaster with obvious borrowings from Universal Studios' Mummy Ride, and Shrek 3-D a movie experience not to be missed.

If you find a quiet corner you might be able to hear the cacophony of screams from Wet'n'Wild Water World next door, a must as well.

Warner Brothers Movie World aerial viewWarner Brothers Movie World entranceCovered Main StreetShrek 4-D adventureWild West villageWild West village from above (look at these thin facades!)Wild West Falls flume rideAtmospheric log flumeLog flume ride from aboveEntering the Wild West Falls mountainWild West Falls dropWarner Brothers Movie World flume rideThis splash gets some artificial assistanceSuperman roller coasterSuperman coaster in actionSuperman coaster at Warner Brothers Movie WorldInverted roller coaster 'Lethal Weapon'Scooby-Doo indoor roller coasterRubber Batman in the Batman ride pre-showWile E. Coyote and Road Runner statue. Awesome!Road Runner family roller coasterPosing kid and damaged coyoteWarner Brothers Movie World major coastersDrop tower and Superman coaster fighting for attention
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