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March 07, 2009 / February 21, 2010
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Crunch, munch, snuffle! Feeding kangaroos is my overriding memory of this friendly, green, Australian theme park classic close to Brisbane.

Dreamworld's ride highlights include a scream-inducing launch roller coaster called 'Tower of Terror', a huge drop tower, a wild-west-themed flume ride and a state-of-the-art motorcycle coaster - it's a solid theme park!

However, given that there are 6 billion people on Earth and only 20 million get to hang out with kangaroos regularly, The non-aussie Theme Park Guy had a hard time focusing on the coasters. Crunch, munch...

Dreamworld Australia, with WhiteWater World water park in the foregroundDreamworld entranceDreamworld street settingDreamworld aerial viewThis machine (and the noise it produces) is an eye-catcherIt's called the Tower of TerrorTower of Terror coaster in actionSoaring vertically, then plummeting backwardsDreamworld river rafting rideGiant bubbles. Don't fall into this pool!Aerial view of Dreamworld's zoo areaThis croc's eyes say 'I really want to bite. Really.'Charming jokeThis car is a playground for......kangaroos!Mouse Kenny has a soft spot for Asian womenDreamworld AustraliaDreamworld bird's-eye view
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