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Rainbow's End
country: New Zealand, Oceania

What a great name for a theme park located at the end of the world! Beautiful New Zealand's only theme park 'Rainbow's End', located close to Auckland's airport, certainly isn't the most extravagantly funded venture. However, given its limited budget, I was quite impressed by the attention to detail inside the Mine Car ride and the 'Enchanted' flume ride. These are exactly the (albeit non-existent) coaster and water rides that I could imagine Michael Jackson having built at...

Hamilton Gardens

Visited 2017. I wasn't impressed by the city of Hamilton, but this collection of themed gardens is an absolute masterpiece. Accurately depicting various Asian, European and Polynesian garden styles in a never-ending labyrinth of greenery, this special place is a hundred times more inspiring than many theme parks, despite its lack of rides. Why not turn it into a global franchise?...

Splash Planet

Visited 2017. Gated playground-cum-waterpark in a remarkably unspectacular neighborhood. Would have no chance of survival elsewhere in the world...

Results : 3

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