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Rainbow's End

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March 02, 2010
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What a great name for a theme park located at the end of the world!

Beautiful New Zealand's only theme park 'Rainbow's End', located close to Auckland's airport, certainly isn't the most extravagantly funded venture. However, given its limited budget, I was quite impressed by the attention to detail inside the Mine Car ride and the 'Enchanted' flume ride. These are exactly the (albeit non-existent) coaster and water rides that I could imagine Michael Jackson having built at his Neverland Ranch: they feel, rattle and smell like Captain EO was here. Apart from that, the park offers a looping roller coaster, a 3-D cinema, a drop tower and a thrilling brand-new W-shaped mini-coaster.

Rainbow's End entranceInside New Zealand's sole theme parkRoller coasterCoaster corkscrewRainbow's flume rideIt's a charming little rideAttention to detailApproaching the dropMine coaster queueMine coaster carMine coaster on-ride viewCharming indoor sections of the mine coaster4-D cinemaCinema chairsUnique ride operator'Invader', a turning, W-shaped mini-coaster (manufactured in Italy and called Disko'O)Employee performing a little maintenance taskCadbury Chocolate Land
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