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Disneyland Paris
country: France, Europe

1992-opened Disneyland Paris is the most beautiful and romantic ‘Magic Kingdom’ Disney has ever built. Instead of copying the structures and buildings of California's Disneyland, Florida's Magic Kingdom and Tokyo Disneyland, the Disney Imagineers frolicked and created a refreshingly new and inspired design for Europe's only Disney park: The Sleeping Beauty Castle is completely different; Adventureland boasts an island with a great skull rock structure in its...

Walt Disney Studios
country: France, Europe

Walt Disney Studios is Disney's thrill ride park adjacent to its more family-orientated sister park. It's small and design-wise uninspired, but don’t ignore it for the following reasons: 'Rock ’n' Roller Coaster' is the most thrilling Disney roller coaster ever. It accelerates from 0 to 100km/h in just a few seconds right at the beginning, followed by loops, corkscrews and drops in the dark. The smooth tracks make you feel like you are flying and your back...

country: France, Europe

The pride of France's home-grown leisure industry, 300 kilometers south-east of Disneyland Paris, offers less than one would expect, unfortunately! I believe the future of mankind won't consist of cold glass-and-steel buildings with isolated individuals wandering lost between them. The creators of Futuroscope, inspired by Disney's then newly-opened Epcot theme park, obviously didn't share my view when the project was being planned in the 80s. Futuroscope's many crystal,...

Parc Asterix

Visited 2007. Expected so much more here! Where were Asterix and Obelix? Where was the Gallic charm? It's just a standard theme park, and this one is packed with exceptionally rowdy teenagers. Came with high expectations, left very disappointed...

Results : 4

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