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Movie Park Germany

Theme Park Guy Rating: 333
Date Visited:
August 26, 2008
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Movie Park Germany Photos


Once Warner Brothers Movie World, the renamed Movie Park Germany continues to deliver a solid theme park experience.

The two most exciting attractions are the Bermuda Triangle Alien Encounter flume ride and the Shrek 4-D movie. Bermuda incorporates some well-timed surprises in the dark and meticulous interior design, while Shrek, the same version found in the Universal Studios parks, is a great 3-D movie with some colorful water and wind effects. Complemented by respectable rollercoasters and water rides, this park is like a Jerry Bruckheimer film: you come out with the same face you went in with, but you knew what to expect.

Movie Park Germany, formerly known as Warner Brothers ParkMovie Park Main StreetChairoplaneLog flume rideWild Mouse-type roller coasterIce Age entranceIce Age boat dark rideW-shaped coasterMovie Park calls it 'Crazy Surfer'Crazy Surfer in actionInverted roller coasterWooden roller coasterWild West town, with factory backgroundTime Riders simulator rideBermuda Triangle flume rideInside Bermuda TriangleAliens being responsible for all those reported missing in Bermuda. Great idea!Bermuda Triangle, just before the final splash
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