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Happy Valley Shenzhen

Theme Park Guy Rating: 1.51.5
Date Visited:
January 02, 2010
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Happy Valley Shenzhen Photos


The oldest of the four Happy Valley parks (Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, being the other three) consists of the usual Disneyland borrowings and is the poorest of the family.

My personal highlight was the river rapids ride featuring super-cold, high-pressure water jets hitting people's faces with such force that it resembles more a war scene than a family outing. The buttons to release the water jets are pressed by slap-happy fellow Chinese onlookers and what you encounter here really looks mean. Have a look at the photos below! The best thrill ride is the yellow inverted roller coaster, however the park lacks a real centerpiece like the Atlantis 'flying coaster' which crowns Beijing's newer Happy Valley park.

It's another theme park with lots of theming, but without the genuine passion for building theme parks.

Happy Valley ShenzhenBig Thunder Mountain rip-offRockworkShoot-the-Chutes splash rideInverted roller coasterWell-themed mini canyonThis river rapids ride is roughIt's extremely wetNot due to the rapids......but due to bystanders paying to shoot cold water at the ridersFrom cannons. Fast, hard and cold.It's a bit of a war scene hereCan I, mom? Please, can I?Yes!And yes again! The locals have no mercy with each other.Coaster with dadOvergrown water slides with cleaning staffParade car with the least passionate staff possible
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