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Equarius Water Park

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October 03, 2008 / September 06, 2011 / December 03, 2011
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Review November 07, 2012

Equarius Water Park has been renamed in Adventure Cove Waterpark and together with the South East Asia Aquarium forms the now-open Marine Life Park.

Pictures and review here!

Construction Update December 03, 2011

The slides are up, and it looks like this will be a water park experience on a smaller scale. I can see Canadian-manufactured world-class slides being assembled and trees planted in between. There will be a small-ish water coaster and a couple of bowl and funnel slides. Given Singapore's 5 million inhabitants and equatorial heat, Equarius Water Park may face a future of overcrowding, and the need for some inventive handling of the hordes.

Singapore water park under construction, December 2011Equarius Water Park u/cEquarius Water Park under constructionFunnel and bowl slide towerDifferent angleWill the massive building at the top be part of the water park?

Construction Update September 06, 2011


Three years after my first update, construction work on Singapore's Equarius Water Park has commenced. It looks a bit smaller than I expected, though, but we know from the adjacent Universal Studios Singapore that it all depends on how cleverly the rides/slides will be arranged.

One thing for sure: Singapore. Needs. A. Water. Park.

New cable car to Singapore's Sentosa wonderlandWhat's that behind the jungle?A funnel-shaped water slide in the makingThis must be the long-awaited Equarius Water ParkAdjacent to Hard Rock HotelEquarius Water Park under constructionResorts World Sentosa on the left, Equarius Water Park on the rightEquarius Water Park on the left, Equarius Hotel on the rightWave pool in the makingSlide partsClose-upThe funnel slide you wouldn't wanna slide - yet!

Construction Update October 03, 2008

Equarius Water Park is a development within Resorts World Sentosa close to Universal Studios Singapore. I love the idea of water slides meandering through untouched trees in a real jungle.

It is set to open in 2010 or 2011. At the time of my last visit no visible construction was taking place yet.

Equarius Water Park concept artEquarius on the Resorts World modelSentosa roadDense tropical jungleThe future Equarius locationNothing there to date
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