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Theme Park Guy Rating: 1
Date Visited:
December 07, 2007 / October 24, 2008
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This park in my Dubai neighborhood is such fun. I've never seen any cars in the parking lot, and there are always 5-10 times more employees in the park than there are guests. In fact, you will hardly find any guest. I wonder why they are still open. When you walk to the burger shop, the burger maker appears totally surprised that he will make a burger today. But the owners keep it open.

Wonderland is a trashy-charming park with old fun fair attractions, not more, not less. My highlight is a small ghost house with a picture of the Mona Lisa inside. When you come across it, go close to it and wait. You will be shocked and you will scream no matter how old, cool or jaded you are.

Hurry! This park might close down even as I’m writing these lines. However, if you are not in the mood for trying a trashy old park and prefer thrill rides and great design, ignore this little sad thing like everyone else.

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