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Universal Studios Dubailand

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January 27, 2008 / July 19, 2008 / September 26, 2008
October 25, 2008 / May 05, 2009
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Universal Studios Dubailand Photos

Construction Update May 05, 2009

Unfortunately, construction of Universal Studios Dubailand is currently not progressing. It appears construction came to a stop shortly after a huge number of employees were made redundant at the end of last year. A 15-minute walk through the desert starting from Dubai Outlet City Mall reveals that there are no cranes, no workers, no activity: the site looks pretty much the same as in the photos from 2008.

Universal Studios Dubailand is one of my favorite theme park projects and its setting in the middle of the vast, pure desert (the area surrounding the site really is an absolute no-man’s-land) makes it so unique.

I believe if anything in Dubailand will see the light of day, then it will be this one. Universal Studios is a matter of prestige for Dubai. UAE-based newspaper Gulfnews reported in January that the opening of the theme park had been delayed from 2010 to 2012. I will divert my eyes elsewhere for now and wish the parties in charge success in getting this project underway again.

Universal Studios Dubailand gate. Security has gone.Universal Studios Dubailand logoCamel on the deserted access roadMore camelsIn the middle of the barren desert:The Universal Studios Dubailand construction fenceA little signboard on the fenceUniversal City Dubailand, KEEP OUT!Universal City logoKeeping outUniversal Studios Dubailand construction signLook over the fence: you can see the circular sand wall......with a tiny bit of abandoned greeneryUniversal Studios Dubailand construction site gateAbandoned Universal Studios Dubailand gateWork came to a haltUniversal Studios Dubailand site office gateThis man lives on-site, more or less

Construction Update October 25, 2008

I was really excited when I accidentally found an Universal Studios gate on Al Ain road on my way to Dubai Outlet City Mall in January 2008. The gate serves as the entrance to the site’s office and there is construction going on behind it. Something is happening in Dubailand!

Universal Studios Dubailand will feature, among others, a 'Ghostbusters' dark ride, a 'King Kong' coaster, a 'Jurassic Park' river rapids ride and a 'Revenge of the Mummy' roller coaster. Announced in spring 2007, this park is scheduled to open its doors in December 2010. Have a look at the collection of photos showing a physical model, the office grounds and aerial pictures of the construction site, the latter taken in July 2008:

The Universal Studios Dubailand site office gate is readyUniversal Studios Dubailand gateUniversal Studios DubailandUniversal Studios Dubailand site officeUniversal Studios Dubailand billboard on Emirates RoadUniversal Studios Dubailand billboardUniversal Studios Dubailand modelThe Dubailand sales center exhibits itKing Kong roller coaster modelJurassic Park building modelModel of the Jurassic Park river rapids rideModel of the Waterworld stunt show stadiumJurassic Park and Waterworld sections of the parkNot sure which land this model part representsAmerican-themed section of the parkModel of the Universal Studios Dubailand lakeUniversal Studios Dubailand model, different angleComplete Universal Studios Dubailand model

Construction Update September 26, 2008

Universal Studios gate under constructionIt's already the second gate (the first being the office entrance)Crane on location (you can see the Universal sand wall in the background)On-site gateKeep out!Universal Studios Dubailand brochureUniversal Studios Dubailand artworkJurassic Park Rapids AdventureKing Kong roller coasterProposed Universal Studios Dubailand entranceUniversal Studios Dubailand site office worksThis man lives right behind the Universal Studios Dubai gate

Construction Update July 19, 2008

Construction is underway. Have a look at the helicopter photos taken in July 2008:

Universal Studios Dubailand aerial viewUniversal Studios Dubailand site office on Al Ain streetCloser look at the site officeUniversal Studios Dubailand mini gateDwellings in between the site office and the actual construction siteApproaching the Universal Studios Dubailand siteThe hole in the middle of the circular sand wall......will become the future Universal Studios centerpiece lakeUniversal Studios Dubailand lake in the makingOne single crane is on-siteUniversal Studios Dubailand desert siteConstruction commenced

Construction Update January 27, 2008

Universal Studios Dubailand, turn rightUniversal Studios Dubai site office under constructionFinal touchesUniversal Studios Dubailand site office lobbyFlat, barren desert behindWorkers at the Universal Studios Dubai site office
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