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Typhoon Lagoon

Theme Park Guy Rating: 55555
Date Visited:
April 15, 2008
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What a wave, what a crazy wave! The first time I saw it coming and it crashed over me I thought: 'Does this conform to Disney’s safety standards? Someone must be getting hurt, people must be bumping into each other!” I looked around. Everybody ok. Uh-oh, next wave. Rumble, rumble, rolling rumble... yikes, mothers and children behind me... and here's another face-slapping crash-splash! Bobbing up, scanning the crowd: again, everyone’s happy. No one’s hurt. Wow! Very thrilling! Bring on the next!

Typhoon Lagoon dates back to 1989 and remains the most beautiful water park in Florida with its post-typhoon tropical theme and a bashed-up fishing boat perched on a mountain's top as its centerpiece. The state-of-the-art water coaster 'Crush’n’Gusher' propels you up-and-down with tremendous speed, slides like 'Humunga Kowabunga' make use of the mountain structure for good acceleration and attractions like 'Shark Reef' (snorkeling with real fish) entertain the kids. 'Typhoon Lagoon' is the superior of the two Disney water parks and will definitely make you enjoy your day.

Typhoon Lagoon at Walt Disney WorldThe massive wave pool with the iconic stranded boat in the backgroundTyphoon Lagoon wave poolMonstrous wavesSwimmers getting readyFor some reason these rogue waves seem to cause no or few injuriesWater coaster Crush'n'GusherCrush'n'Gusher entranceCrush'n'Gusher slide tower entranceThe water slide that must not be missed!Getting readyCrush'n'Gushering down and upRoller coaster feel in the water slideSplash poolCrush'n'Gusher from the helicopterScenic bridgeThe landmark of Typhoon Lagoon up closeView from aboveScenic family rafting slideTyphoon Lagoon stands for great attention to detailTube slides through rocky sceneryThe end of a speedy body slideArtificial snorkeling reefTyphoon Lagoon bird's-eye view
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