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Hopi Hari

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December 15, 2013
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Brazilians don't speak English, but they are wonderful.

Hopi Hari is the usual, uninspired medley of Wild West towns, Superhero lands, Mummies, Main Streets, and junk food. It's a park that could be situated in any medium-sized US state – that little Latin America went into it. 

However, as opposed to the fate it'd probably encounter in the US, this park is PACKED. 2.5 hour queues to oldish wooden roller coasters and midget flume rides support the conclusion that there is room for a major theme park to be developed in fairly-theme-park-free Latin America. Investors, ignore at your own peril.

Hopi Hari entranceHopi Hari queues are as unforgiving as in Tokyo Disneyland!Hopi Hari Main Street. Hello Disneyland.Christmas, featuring a psychotic-looking Santa ClausQueues to the park's main roller coasterA two and a half hour enticing Brazil......leading to an old wooden roller coaster......that is so rattly and violent......that it freaks people out......whilst looking gentle from afar.Coaster No 2This one is much softerIt's a spinning coaster in the darkBest photo I could captureWhat's inside this suspicious-looking fancy castle?There we go: an 'It's a Small World' rip-off!Why copy if you could create? It's a small world after all.A boring ride that starves for closureCooling down on a hot Christmas dayCan you believe it? This is the queue to that undersized flume ride behind.Hello Universal Studios. Hopi Hari had many fathers.Superhero restaurantHere's what superheroes eatWild West town. Someone in charge must have said long ago: 'we need that too!'Hopi Hari viewThis drop tower has been closed after a tragic accidentNonpaying reptile visitorBrazil!Jolly Brazilians on chairoplaneBrazilians strapped to moving chair (3-D cinema showing awful dinosaur movie)Swingboat, mummy building, coasterThe mummy building serves as a haunted houseMore mummiesLooney Tunes characters all over the parkMy Hopi Hari highlight was the Brazilians!
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