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God's own theme park: Dhofar

Theme Park Guy Rating: 55555
Date Visited:
February 28, 2018
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God's own theme park: Dhofar Photos


If there is one place in the world that with 100% certainty doesn’t need any theme park or other form of man-made, artificial entertainment, then that’s the Governorate of Dhofar in southern Oman.

It took me more than 10 years of travel and over 150 countries to find my favorite holiday refuge on earth, and it’s right here. Blessed with otherworldly nature, sunshine and safety, this is a place rarely found in guidebooks; the place none of your neighbors can spell. You’ll only find one tourist every 30 kilometers, if at all.

I’ll let my photos speak for themselves. If you go there, you MUST rent a car and stay in a chalet at the Mirbat Marriott. Mind-altering, soul-replenishing, back-to-the-basics serenity! And if you want a little less serenity and plenty more luxury, opt for the Anantara Salalah.

Who needs water parks......when you can have this? (Mirbat Marriott chalet)Mirbat village. Very charming!Beach in front of Mirbat castleOld dwellings made of clayCracking beauty'Anti-Gravity' road near MirbatSwitzerland? Nope. The mountains behind Salalah.Camel walkTawi Atair sinkholeDon't fall!Jabal Samhan viewpoint. Don't stumble!Omanis are friendly, content, life-loving people.Camel road blockDeserted beach near SadahThe coastal road leading northStunning, serene, tourist-freeCoastal beautyBeach walkWadi in the valleyMughsail beachWhile the camels take care of your can enjoy the beach all to yourselfUp the mountains past Mughsail beachAfrican landscapesCoastal drive up the mountains at nearly impossible anglesCamel-infested roadsOtherworldly sceneryCompletely one with natureAnd here it comes...Empty road to Fazayah beachMy favorite beach in the world. Nobody here.A rare species here: another touristCrystal-clear waterFazayah beach romanceDolphins can be seen playing here (I didn't capture them)Park your car and take a another hidden beach!The lone treeThe lone tree that follows youLone tree, wherever you go.The lone touristThe lone camel?Nope, not alone.Camels everywhereThe road to YemenCalm before the stormDhalkut, the last frontier before the Yemen border.Driving back to Salalah at cloud levelWadis of dreamsDeserts of dreamsDreamy wifeThe groundedness of Bedouin lifeNight settling in the Garden of Eden
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