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Theme Park Guy Rating: 22
Date Visited:
December 11, 2010
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Tunisia can pride itself on a remarkably well-designed theme park within one of its worst tourist ghettos, Yasmin Hammamet, one hour drive from its capital Tunis. That's the good news. The bad news is that behind the colossal entry gate with its grandiose elephant statues there are... only two water rides. And some carousels. And some monkeys. That's it.

While the log flume ride feels a bit like a downgraded, wet version of Disneyland's Big Thunder Mountain, the river rafting ride is the ugly little brother of Jungle Cruise. As a theme park lover you won't find anything worth remembering. As a North African there will be much to be excited about, since there is nothing else like this on the whole continent apart from in South Africa. The entry price, though, plays a bit hard on local pockets.

Opposite the Carthageland gate, another ride asks for extra-payment, the 'Barberousse' dark ride, modeled after Pirates of the Caribbean. While the two wet-inducers inside Carthageland are still somehow entertaining, this one is a genuine flop.

Is it worth the trip to Tunisia? The answer is: Yes if you're coming from Algeria, No if you're coming from Italy! Is it worth the entry price? Yes if you are a bored tourist, but seriously No if you had to save for it.

WelcometoCarthagelandTourist ghetto mapElephants at the entranceThe impressive entrance gateMountainous flume rideFlume ride indoor lifeFinal splash!Final splash, the secondRiver rapids rideIndoor Jungle CruiseAnimatronics (that hardly move)The old elephant trick!Rrrr!Employee on the left, gorillas on the rightSwingboatRides for kidsCarthageland TunisiaWater slides, closed during winterThe 'Barberousse' Dark RideBarberousse boatsStart into the pirate-themed adventure......featuring heart-warming scenes like this one.
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