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Alton Towers

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April 01, 2009
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Alton Towers, centered around the historic castle home of the blue-blooded Earls of Shrewsbury, is doubtlessly Great Britain's best theme park. Charmingly located in the middle of nowhere and ironically less accessible from London than Disneyland Paris, it contains all the major state-of-the-art rides including a flume ride, a river rapids ride, a drop coaster, a hanging coaster and a wonderful prototype of the now world-famous flying coaster.

The attractions are spread so widely throughout the vast park that walking from ride to ride gives you a better workout than a two-hour session at the gym. It's been a pleasant day!

Alton Towers castleAlton Towers gardensAlton Towers thrillsThis is a so-called Dive CoasterYou fearYou watchYou dropYou diveAlton Towers dive roller coasterDiving into a black hole in the groundA more family-friendly coasterSpinning roller coasterThis one is called launch coasterIt's very fast!Alton Towers coaster rideFlying roller coasterBelly-down flying experienceIt's a fantastic feeling!Flying coaster backwardsInverted roller coasterThe track you wouldn't want to ride onCharlie and the Chocolate Factory dark rideAlton Towers atmosphereRiver rafting rideFlume rideSurprise showerCable carGardensTeenagersIt's a beautiful park!
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