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Wet'n Wild

Theme Park Guy Rating: 4444
Date Visited:
December 19, 2007 / April 12, 2008
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Wet'n Wild Photos


Wet’n Wild boasts the most thrilling and mad water slides in all of Florida.

‘The Bomb Bay’, ‘Brain Wash’ and ‘The Storm’ will make your sister cry, your father scream and your mother faint. A unique feature is the use of ominous music in the slides to prepare you for the drops, turns and spins.

This water park won’t please the fans of themed surroundings, but it’s the perfect home for thrill seekers.

Wet'n Wild from aboveWet'n Wild OrlandoClassic slidesWet'n Wild logo displayed on International DriveBowl-shaped body water slidesBowl slideBowl slides from aboveWet'n Wild seen from the helicopterMassive enclosed funnel slideSteep body slides with a frightening trap-door launch chamber at the startYou can see the launch chamber on top of the slide towerHarmless wave poolWet'n Wild guestsThis family rafting slide is good fun!Wakeboard facilityBeginners in actionWet'n Wild on International Drive, across the highway from Universal StudiosVista to the north
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