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Tropical Islands

Theme Park Guy Rating: 4444
Date Visited:
March 23, 2008 / September 18, 2008
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This is a refreshingly different and fantastically bizarre water theme park in the heart of Europe.

Situated in a huge hangar originally intended for the construction of cargo airships (though the venture went bust before any living airship made it out of the hangar), Tropical Islands is just off the Berlin-Prague highway, about 60 kilometers (37 miles) southeast of Berlin, in the middle of a dark wood in Brandenburg. A Malaysian investor realized the potential of the abandoned structure and brought the jungle of his home country to Germany. I remember when Tropical Islands was under construction: I was living in Berlin at that time and visited the site a couple of times.

The press was critical about this transformation (everything that opens in Brandenburg, Germany's communism-loving high-unemployment area, has a tendency to go bust), but initial predictions of failure proved wrong and Tropical Islands eventually turned into a big success, mainly due to later expansions.

The more recently added water slides are surprisingly fast and the absence of lifeguards makes for a chaotic and extra fun experience. The long, steep blue slide with the mad curve accelerates you to such a colossal speed that you feel like you are facing your imminent death as you zoom down. But it's safe, and everybody survives with a smile. Other highlights: a walk-through jungle; a panorama balloon; a huge pool with a sea vista background and a lagoon with some small slides in a jungle/cave setting. You'll find a wild mix of Germans, Poles and Czechs here since the nearby borders are all open: walking around Tropical Islands sometimes feels like witnessing an Eastern European modeling contest.

I highly recommend visiting the park. It's a unique experience! You can reach it via car or even train. The staff might be a bit unfriendly, but ignore them and enjoy the pool landscapes in this futuristic James Bond setting!

Country road through forest in north-eastern GermanyAnd here it is:Brandenburg's spaceshipInside the hall that was originally built to be an airship hangarSouth-East Asian structuresWelcome to Tropical Islands!It's romantic! Well, at least in the lower half of the picture.Look-out balloonTropical Islands 'beach' from aboveTropical Islands jungle and lagoonTropical Islands slide towerSlide tower from belowThese slides have a different surface than usual: they are very slippery!Extremely fast and fun body slide!Slide tower and tents from aboveSlide tower at nightEvening guestsGreen light for one of the world's fastest body slidesNo lifeguard on duty. Are you ready?This slide is really, really ingeniously vertiginousSliders on different levelsIn a hurryJungle walkTropical Islands beach at night
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