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Theme Park Guy Rating: 22
Date Visited:
December 18, 2010


Israel's premier amusement park, 20 minutes south of Tel Aviv, is to some extent charming, yet it offers nothing more than the standard collection of roller coaster, flume ride (water ride on log flumes), river rafting ride (water ride on circular rafts), ferris wheel and carousels of various colors.

However, given that the next comparable theme park located in a country that allows Israeli passport holders visa-free entry is over 2,500 kilometers away – it's really true! – it's quite a good deal.

Walking around the park and listening to the cheerful locals, the unfamiliar Hebrew got all too often mixed up with the ever-repeated familiar word 'Disneyland', spoken aloud by kids and adults with longing eyes. Well, Superland, you're not in that league. But you don't pretend to be either. And that makes you respectable.

Ferris wheel Ferris wheel

Cable car Cable car

Collision illusion Collision illusion

Roller Coaster Roller Coaster

Yaaaaaa! Yaaaaaa!

Loop Loop

Suspended coaster pleasure Suspended coaster pleasure

Flume ride, seen from the ferris wheel Flume ride, seen from the ferris wheel

Log flume close-up Log flume close-up

River rapids ride River rapids ride

River rapids atmosphere River rapids atmosphere

Three happy victims Three happy victims

Flying freely Flying freely

Freedom! Freedom!

Coaster No2 Coaster No2

More rides More rides

Ferris wheel at sunset Ferris wheel at sunset

In Tel Aviv In Tel Aviv