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Primorsky Oceanarium

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Date Visited:
May 29, 2013
Primorsky Oceanarium Photos

Useless Update May 29, 2013

Quick side trip to Vladivostok, Pacific Russia.

Primorsky Oceanarium on Russky Island is expected to become one of the world's biggest and best oceanariums. Unfortunately, it was still under construction, site access closed and visibility on the day of my visit extremely poor. As evident from my pictures, I came back empty-handed. Yet I experienced the big town of Russia's Far East, a place not even Asia buffs tend to stop by. The infrastructure was remarkable, with new bridges and highways built for the APEC summit 2012. The city itself I found astonishingly similar to Riga or Bratislava, typical mid-size Eastern European cities, as if there was no Pacific, no Japan, no China, no North Korea just around the corner. An odd Caucasian outpost, but with a hell of a lot of potential.

Sorry, this is really the most useless 'update' I have ever posted. You can find better pictures here!

Vladivostok Air, not sure if I will fly you again. But you landed. Thank you.South and North Koreans sit in the same airport lounge here, at the same time!Terrible visibility on the day of my visit. In the background you can see a Hyatt in the making!And here is the location of the future giant oceanarium, due to open later this yearCloser look. Hardly visible in the fog.What a day! I'll be back once the oceanarium is open, and on a sunny day!
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