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September 05, 2010
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Liseberg Photos


Liseberg is different. On a long Swedish summer evening, there is a special romance wafting through this cozy, fun-fairish amusement park. Dancing retiree couples, smiling stress-free families and friendly Swedish staff that seem as enchanted by the place as its visitors - the Scandinavian utopia of the big happy egalitarian community together under one sun feels very present here.

Add a brilliant, belly turning wooden roller coaster, a meticulously designed and outstandingly choreographed haunted house and endless intertwining coasters and flume rides in a beautiful hillside woodland setting and you've got that breeze of magic which Disney seems to have a trademark for.

As of 2010, this park is as old as its eldest dancing retiree, but instead of cracks and wrinkles, Liseberg has only gained in charm and wisdom.

Morning queuesLiseberg amusement parkLiseberg atmosphereRoller coastersThis wooden coaster is absolutely brilliant!'Quick Pass', Liseberg's answer to Universal's Express PassDon't miss this roller coasterTo date (2010), it's one of the best of its kindRiver rapids rideRiver rapids ride, the secondRiver rapids ride, the thirdTraffic jamThe park has a hill with more rides on itRoller coaster on the hillFlume ride on the hillCoaster meets log flumePlunging down the hill......for a splash with an interesting angle!
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