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Hawaiian Waters

Theme Park Guy Rating: 333
Date Visited:
April 21, 2008
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Hawaiian Waters Photos


Every time I reminisce about this water park, I think: “Hey, that was the water park that closed at 3:30pm”. It’s true! It was April in Hawaii and the one and only Hawaiian water park closed at 3:30pm! 5pm would be an early closure, 4pm would be an untimely engine stall, but 3:30pm? I witnessed people arriving at the park's gate at 2pm, only to find the staff getting ready for supper.

Nevertheless, Hawaiian Waters is worth a visit. It’s not one of the best water parks in the world, but it has good standard slides, located in a very lush, green Hawaiian setting. Since Village Roadshow (the Australian media company that brought us the Matrix movies) took over the park, there should be the budget for some state-of-the-art thrill slides in the future. Just don't forget to go to bed early the night before!

Hawaiian imageryRomantic benchSurf poolWell-trained kidWave poolTiny in sizeMulti-lane mat racer slidePoint of viewMat racer slide from belowSteep body slides in the backgroundBody slides seen from the top of the hillTube slidesAn American of Asian originHawaiian Waters vistaHawaiian Waters tube slidesU-shaped slideThe water park's most thrilling slide at the time of my reviewThis wild body slide was closed when I was there
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