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Happy Valley Beijing

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February 21, 2009 / July 27, 2009
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When I entered Happy Valley Beijing the first time, my attention immediately drifted towards the obvious borrowings from Disney parks. DisneySea, Disney's California Adventure and Disneyland itself have all left heavy traces here. According to my review standards, the theme park lost one star straight away.

However, everything which came after was surprisingly impressive. The state-of-the-art roller coasters, flume rides and park structure made for a great day. The highlight of the park is a wonderful flying roller coaster (you ride facing downwards giving you a Superman experience) taking you through an incredibly huge and well designed 'Atlantis' mountain castle.

Despite the lack of a soul in this park, where themes crowd in on each other and therefore look a bit lost and mish-mash, it is very well worth the visit and beats theme park standards in many other countries.

Happy Valley BeijingAtlantis castle, landmark of the parkHappy Valley Beijing in wintertimeBridge to AtlantisMassive Atlantis flying roller coasterBelly and head down, getting ready to flyFlying roller coaster launchAtlantis flying coaster at Happy Valley BeijingFlying coasters are so much more fun than normal roller coastersFlying locals close-upMammoth Atlantis castleThis ride is called Giant FrisbeeGiants competing for attentionMerciless people acceleratorFrisbee ridersClassic mine train roller coasterOn-ride viewInverted roller coaster at Happy Valley BeijingHuge Trojan HorseAnts LandNot as charming as the DreamWorks characters, though!Happy Valley Beijing themingGreek facadeThere is something about this wall......that looks like the park designers enjoyed a visit to Japan (Disney Sea)Happy Valley Beijing tree houseLooks like Disney's Tarzan was here!Shoot-the-Chutes splash rideSplash explosion behind glass wallsHappy Valley Beijing in summertime (I came back for this photo)
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