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Fuji-Q Highland

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October 18, 2010
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This Japanese classic is a bearable bus ride away from Tokyo, at the foot of Mount Fuji, which serves as a great backdrop for DisneySea, as well.

Don't miss riding 'Eejanaika', if you dare. These rare 4th Dimension roller coasters are the wildest and most intense rides on earth to date. Riding it feels like being thrown into a massive, uncontrolled accident. Imagine skydiving and having a meteor shoot into your parachute. Or being suddenly grabbed and then death-rolled by a crocodile. Here are your hands, no there are your legs, there goes your mobile phone, oh and here it comes back, and the legs again... you will surely forget anything else you thought about before.

The park's trademark attraction Haunted Hospital is an endless, tasteless walk-through ghost house in which you'll be chased by employees dressed as hospital staff. If you like such shenanigans, go! On top of this, many more coasters and rides await you, but by and large, the whole park appears as clinical as its dysfunctional hospital. Nothing beats DisneySea, anyway.

Fuji-Q HighlandMore Fuji-Q HighlandRoller coasters everywhere!Eejanaika roller coasterEejanaika, one of the world's wildest rides!Shoot the Chutes in coaster jungleHaunted Hospital entranceHaunted Hospital at Fuji-QActor inside Haunted HospitalFleeing visitorsBeautiful illustration of the park's river rapids rideRiver rapids ride loading stationThomas the Tank Engine dark rideOpening times resembling those of public authoritiesClosed at 2:50pmAnd closed again. Arrive early if you want to enjoy all the rides!A quick read in betweenEejanaika roller coaster at Fuji-Q
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