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Disney's Animal Kingdom

Theme Park Guy Rating: 55555
Date Visited:
December 21, 2007
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Animal Kingdom is the best Disney park in North America, containing unique thrill rides, a drive-through safari and terrific landscaping. I love strolling around here: its dense jungle and perfect cocktail of rides make for the best possible theme park experience.

'Expedition Everest', opened in 2006, is a colossal, fast and surprising backwards-and-forwards roller coaster careering through a Himalayan landscape in search of the yeti. With stops, thrills and a stunningly life-like yeti animatronic at the end, it leaves nothing out apart from some lacking interior design within the mountain structure. 'Everest' is quite a rough roller coaster by Disney standards and, given the extensive exposure to G-forces, not for everyone.

'Dinosaur': due to its hidden location, many visitors miss this attraction. Don't!! Using the same 'Enhanced Motion Vehicle' technology as the Indiana Jones rides in California and Japan, you get warped back in time, crashing through a dark dinosaur jungle. In my opinion it's actually better, faster and more comfortable than the Indiana Jones versions. Picture meteors thundering down around you in the dark while speeding through the primeval forest, with dinosaurs and predators everywhere!

'It’s Tough to be a Bug!' is the best 3-D movie Disney ever created. The screen is set into the roots of the beautifully designed artificial 'Tree of Life', made up of dozens of animals carved into the tree’s trunk. After the most inspiring and well-designed theme park queue you will ever wait in, you will watch a greatly entertaining movie, complete with bugs attacking the audience... from everywhere!

'Kilimanjaro Safaris': your driver will take you on a narrative journey, cruising in your safari vehicle through an African-themed landscape with lions, elephants, rhinos, crocodiles and giraffes. The size of the area that awaits you behind this attraction’s small entrance is very surprising. Fabulous!

Whatever your plan is, don't skip Animal Kingdom when visiting Walt Disney World!

Disney's Animal Kingdom aerial viewAnimal Kingdom vistaExpedition Everest roller coaster aerial viewExpedition Everest coaster POVOn the lift hillLift hill from the sideIt looks a lot more spectacular from outside than it feels on the rideOn the peak of Disney's EverestThe end of the track, from where the coaster will go backwardsYeti shadow inside the mountainPlummeting down with endorphin-inducing speedExpedition Everest from aboveTree of Life, the centerpiece of the parkAnimals are engraved into its trunkIt's Tough to be a Bug! This is a fantastic, multidimensional movie experienceDinosaur ride vehicles (it's a brilliant ride!)River rapids rideThis one is quite a disappointing attractionSafari bird's eye viewKilimanjaro Safari is one of Animal Kingdom's major attractionsReal animals - this is an animatronic-free zoneReal crocodilesAnimal Kingdom safariThe safari section of Animal Kingdom from the helicopter
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