The Theme Park Guy

Feb 04

Why we aren't working and won't be working on a mobile-optimized site!

Reposted on Linkedin in 2017:

I drew this some three years ago, and it doesn't let me go.

I think we are losing ourselves in these devices. Tech is a means to facilitate life, not to replace it. Cameras, just as our eyes, are supposed to point outwards, not inwards. The current Virtual Reality hype in the theme park industry will fade, because so many of us already live in VR. We are losing our ability to savor the here and now, constantly 'connecting' to worlds beyond our present. We need much more R, and get rid of the V again. I strongly believe that smartphones will go down in history similarly to cigarettes, as a 'social' tool that had its time, but whose effect on people, their health and their spirits was nothing but devastating.