The Theme Park Guy

Dec 31

Vikram's Way

Met my old friend Vikram Chopra in Al Ain, UAE, earlier this month. I don’t think there’s a multi-billion dollar theme park development anywhere in the Middle East that Vikram hasn't either been involved in or headed up, from Ferrari World to Dubai Parks & Resorts to Saudi Arabia's Qiddiya.

Vikram also gave me some invaluable feedback on themeparX seven years ago. Whatever his next project or venture will be, those who work with him can consider themselves very lucky!

Apart from theme parks, there's something else we have in common. While many of my friends consider me somewhat wack for having been living smartphone-free for the past three years, Vikram – unbelievably – lives entirely sugar-free, with no exceptions. So our commonality is that we both agree that we'd go nuts if we had to switch sides.

Happy New Year ahead! Try starting it both smartphone-free AND sugar-free