The Theme Park Guy

Dec 05

Smartphone Apocalypse?

Posting this pic again. This is not about theme parks, or China. It's about an entire world we are about to lose. The advent of the smartphone coupled with unlimited mobile data and 'social' media really was the invention of the nuclear bomb for social and mental health. Look at the pics very closely. Same location, same occasion, 7 years before and after.

We are losing interest in watching each other, our innate ability to savor the present moment, to reflect and get a little bored sometimes... the most important traits that shape us.

We can't go back in time. We have to live with these gadgets now. But we can't just 'let it happen' and passively watch a catastrophe unfold on the next generation, thinking to ourselves 'it's kinda creepy'. Those of us who remember how it was before have a duty. Colossal efforts will be required to limit mobile internet usage if we are to save our kids from the effects of an undiagnosed drug addiction of pandemic proportions.

Outlawing the provision of unlimited data by forcing ISPs to charge per minute could be a start. And it doesn't even matter how low the charge per minute would be: a metered connection would simply caution users to think twice before switching (or keeping) it on. Something has to happen, and fast.