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Sep 20

Spotify's Founder & the pre-Theme Park Guy Days

Sep 20, 2018

Here's a picture with two fantasmic Swedes from my pre-Theme Park Guy days back in 2003. I used to run, the German market's best-known affiliate marketing news platform at that time. Ulrika Ytterholm and Martin Lorentzon ran TradeDoubler, a Swedish affiliate network that was expanding into the German market.

I remember Martin having tremendous, insatiable, positive energy. He walked into the room like James Bond having just jumped off a chopper, equipped with impeccable communication skills and merciless curiosity. I recall wondering back then: what's this exceptionally energized guy's endgame?

And not to my surprise, he ventured on to create something we all know and use today… Spotify. Which made him a billionaire.

The entrepreneurs' world out there is fair. Yes, there are some folks who don't understand give-and-take, who enrich themselves at the expense of their clients or screw over business partners with rotten contracts and insolvencies. But I strongly believe their success is short-lived.

Martin is a shining example of someone who from day one deserved to move mountains and succeed. I wish him happiness and neversubsiding entrepreneurial drive with his everlasting wealth.

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