The Theme Park Guy

Mar 11

Hong Kong from a special angle

Here is a picture I took from the mountain behind Hong Kong Disneyland back in 2011. Looks serene. But that mountain is truly treacherous.

There are no visible hiking trails, so my professional hiker pal Michael and I more or less crawled through the bush for a mile or two. Shortly after taking that pic we were caught in a thunderstorm, and through neverending rain and in complete darkness we somehow scrambled, skipped and slid back to civilization; a ‘trek’ that took many hours, was genuinely dangerous (cliffs!) and NO FUN.

Nevertheless, it was worth the risk. Hong Kong’s is my favorite Disney resort, not for the park itself, but for its location and its potential. While the other five grace various suburbs and swamplands, this one sits in its very own and very special lost valley.