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Alton Towers
country: United Kingdom, Europe

Alton Towers, centered around the historic castle home of the blue-blooded Earls of Shrewsbury, is doubtlessly Great Britain's best theme park. Charmingly located in the middle of nowhere and ironically less accessible from London than Disneyland Paris, it contains all the major state-of-the-art rides including a flume ride, a river rapids ride, a drop coaster, a hanging coaster and a wonderful prototype of the now world-famous flying coaster. The attractions are spread so...

Thorpe Park
country: United Kingdom, Europe

Situated just 7 kilometers away from London's Heathrow airport, the only thing which makes this park unique is the amount of airplanes going over it. Don't mistake me, there's nothing wrong with the state-of-the-art roller coasters and rides throughout the park, but there's nothing particularly distinctive about them either. You will enjoy the thrill of the coasters but beware of 'No Way Out', the backwards roller coaster, which might make you feel like passing a hurricane...

Indiana Jones Mine Car Rollercoaster
country: United Kingdom, Europe

Blasphemy is usually associated with biblical terms. But imagine an plasticky blue-red manufactured Tesco building replacing the authentic mine car chase rollercoaster of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom! Does that make you cry?It happened! In the mid-90s half of the famous Elstree Film Studios north of London were sold off to the British supermarket chain. Unfortunately this included the space where the Indiana Jones coaster was built in 1983. However, rumor has it you...

Legoland Windsor
country: United Kingdom, Europe

Legoland has a very well-defined target group: on my visit I encountered a ratio of mothers with children aged 3 to 8 that would cause a landslide election result for a party committed to better education. Endless carousels, rollercoasters with maximum speeds of less than 40 mph and flume rides that appear to be in slow-motion grace the landscape around picturesque Windsor next to London's hectic Heathrow airport, the busiest in the world. The rides are all brand-new;...

Cariba Creek

Visited 2009. Part for Alton Towers. Very small indoor 'water park', I would rather call it a themed splash ground with the occasional slide. Only worth visiting in conjunction with the theme park next door...

Chessington World of Adventures

Visited 2009. Theme park in the south of London. Can get very busy on the weekends. Not worth the trip given that London has a direct train to Disneyland Paris!...

London Dungeon

Visited 2009. Will this ever end? Everlasting, monotonous, thrill-free attraction that makes you starve for the emergency exit...

Results : 7

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