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Valley of Waves
country: South Africa, Africa

This African water park, themed as an ancient, lost civilization overgrown by jungle, is shockingly superb. Imagine this: a huge wavepool glimmers against the backdrop of a magnificent palace surrounded by dense jungle with a delightfully violent wave that can carry you up to 50 meters. Hidden jungle paths lead up the hills to slides, waterfalls, caves, bridges and swimming pools (some of them are REALLY hidden, you have to discover them). In between, ruins of a lost...

Gold Reef City

Visited 2011. Standard theme park with the commonplace Wild West town, roller coasters, carousels and water rides. However, being one of the few places where Johannesburgers and tourists can walk outside without being in grave personal danger, this theme park fulfills a higher function than solely entertainment...

Results : 2

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