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Hong Kong Disneyland
country: Hong Kong, Asia

I love Hong Kong Disneyland. There are no thrills, no ghost trains, no flume rides and apart from 'Space Mountain', which is not really the best version of itself, no roller coasters. BUT the potential of Disney's Hong Kong venture is huge! The resort is nestled between two mountains and the sea, the most beautiful setting of any Disney park in the world, and plenty of space is left for expansion. Hong Kong Disneyland is designed to resemble the original Disneyland park in...

Ocean Park
country: Hong Kong, Asia

Hong Kong's 1977-inaugurated Ocean Park has found itself in direct competition with Hong Kong Disneyland since its opening in 2005, but has managed to hold its own against its world-famous neighbor. In their current states the two parks complement each other very well: while Disney boasts better design and attention to detail, Ocean Park has the wilder rides, the bigger space and worth-seeing animal exhibits. The roller coasters and the through-the-forest flume ride feel...

Snoopy's World

Visited 2017. Charming, tiny amusement park for children in the midst of towering residential skyscrapers. Not really worth making trip, but I am sure the neighborhood appreciates it!...

Results : 3

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