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Waterbom Bali

Theme Park Guy Rating: 333
Date Visited:
June 20, 2011
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Planes full of sun-seekers landing every 20 minutes. Adventurous backpackers on spiritual mass trips. Low-cost life in the side streets. Bad roads. Packed beach. Homeless cat. Moped. Massage. Burger King.
That's what Kuta, Bali's tourist aggregation zone, feels like.

And in the middle of this is Waterbom Bali, a cultivated and beautiful tropical garden with three slide towers and the latest Canadian water slides. It's really an impressively fine water park that makes the very best out of its location with its tantalizing discovery paths winding trough the jungle overgrowth. Don't miss the loop water slide and the U-shaped slide, they will make you scream with delight!

Bali's Kuta tourist townWaterbom security checking my roller coaster hatWhat's that?Waterbom Bali water parkAquaLoop slideRiders enter a claustrophobic little chamberFeaturing a trap doorWhoops!The trap door launchPlunging into the loopFortunately, it's not a vertical loopYet a fun experienceAquaLoop exitSlide tower, the secondBowl-shaped water slideSlide fun on different levelsGenuine panicVertical water slideSlide tower, the thirdBody slides and mat racer slides in BaliWinding through the jungleLots of Western tourists in this parkWaterbom Bali has good atmosphereLazy river, jungle-style
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