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Universal Studios Moscow

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February 14, 2013
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Universal Studios Moscow Photos


As of 2012, the headlines in the English press about Russia can really give you a scare. Quite on the contrary, though, every time I visit I like it very much. Yes, there is the occasional guy walking down the street that looks like he has no mother. But what I also see, and what intrigues me, is a young generation of Russians in their teens and early twenties that is English-speaking, friendly, open-minded, educated, motivated, philosophical, cosmopolitan and straightforward – people that are hard to find elsewhere. I am confident they will build an amazing, livable country for themselves and for those who will come to live here.

When I mention Universal Studios Moscow to people unfamiliar with the city I tend to hear comments like, ‘What? In Moscow? As in the capital of pre-fab Soviet housing? No way!’

Be not mistaken, the Moscow of today absolutely has the consumers with the disposable income to make this park a success. We've all seen the time-honored wintertime pictures of the Kremlin and Saint Basil's Cathedral, but now let me show you a modern Moscow that you might not have seen before – a growing, mystical metropolis in which an indoor Universal Studio theme park will fit as a natural feature when it opens in 2018.

If all goes well, construction of Galaxy Park, the megamall that will house the Studios, will commence in 2014. No offense to Ferrari World and Lotte World, but this park is likely to be the first real cutting-edge themed park under a roof.

Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport with new Aeroflot fleet parkedWhen strangers meetDostoevsky Statue in front of Lenin Library. Moscow has history!But now let's take a look at the modern Moscow: new metro stationNew shopping mallShopping mall, upper floor...with cutting-edge skyscrapers......looming above the glass ceiling'Moscow City' business districtSkyscrapers under constructionMoscow City street viewNewly-opened outlet villageBelaya Dacha Outlet Village, on the eastern edge of MoscowInspecting changesAnd here's the just-opened, brilliant Jewish MuseumCreated by American design firm Ralph Appelbaum AssociatesIt's an absolute masterpiece of an interactive museum!Jewish Museum MoscowYou can sit with this guy and learn about history4-D theater they've got, as well!Showing a well-edited film educating about Jewish historyFog effects includedSkolkovo, Medvedev's Silicon Valley dream (but don't come without an appointment)Apartments under construction at SkolkovoMore Skolkovo constructionInside the Skolkovo Business School campusThese guys in the Startup Corner appear to be fitting inCondoleezza Rice on the wall in the campus canteenMBA students everywhereSkolkovo campus has country-branded lecture hallsAnd here's the next generation of RussiansMore young Russians. Doesn't fit the stereotype, does it?Hello, Russia of tomorrow!Getting into the Moscow MetroAnnino metro station in Moscow's southern outskirtsAnnino is where Universal Studios is supposed to be builtRussian bear? No, it's just a grim dog in Annino!Here it is: depressing Soviet suburbiaIt looks dreary, but......exactly this spot......will play home to:Galaxy Park, featuring the first indoor Universal parkLook at this. Think Universal Studios. A bit tough to imagine right now!Footbridge crossing the highway adjacent to the Universal siteInfrastructure from the pastApartment blocks on the other side of the highwayView over the future Galaxy Park/Universal Studios siteThanks for watching!
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