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Lost Paradise of Dilmun

Theme Park Guy Rating: 4444
Date Visited:
November 02, 2007
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Lost Paradise of Dilmun Photos


This is where my journey started. On 2 November 2007, I decided to become The Theme Park Guy while visiting this just-opened water park in Bahrain, a tiny island in the Persian Gulf.

Lost Paradise of Dilmun, set in the sparsely populated desert landscape in the south of the kingdom, is absolutely world-class. All slides are state-of-the-art and the whole park is well-themed after Bahrain's ancient history (Dilmun is speculated to be the true location of the Garden of Eden). In particular, the superb thrill slide 'Boomerango' is a must. 

Bahrain's capital Manama has less to offer than this single water park. Don't dare miss it!

Lost Paradise of Dilmun water park, BahrainLittle detail, big differenceLost Paradise guests in the waterThrilling U-shaped water slideU-shaped slide in actionDifferent angleBowl-shaped slideClassic slide towerSlides from aboveLost Paradise of Dilmun body slidesSmall wave poolFamily rafts on conveyor beltLost Paradise of Dilmun atmosphereSteep and fast body slides over hereSpeedy slide POVLots of attention to detail in this water parkThis little artificial river being an exampleLife vest collectionLost Paradise of Dilmun life guardLost Paradise of Dilmun junior guestLost Paradise of Dilmun workersCarrying up the tubesThis water park is in the middle of nowhereLion statue guarding the Lost Paradise
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