The Theme Park Guy

Mar 22

Love for the EU

Here are some thoughts on how to keep my beloved European Union competitive and future-proof:

1. Introduce English as a second official language union-wide! Every resident should be allowed to file their taxes in English in any member state today, and future generations must be able to hold decent conversations with each other.

2. Harmonize acquisition of EU citizenship! In Spain, Filipinos can acquire it in 2 years, while a Belarusian in Austria has to wait for 10 years. Some nationals can bestow EU citizenship on their spouses while living abroad, others can't. Successful foreign managers on 3-year contracts across several member states stay a foreigner in the Union forever. That's nonsense. Granting citizenship after 5 years of residence union-wide would make the EU tremendously attractive, particularly if those years don’t have to be spent in the same member state.

3. Min tax 10%, max 35% (both personal & corporate). The moment you demand 50%, people either emigrate or keep the tax consultants busy. We have some of the highest AND lowest tax rates in the world. From 0% to 60%. Too extreme.

4. Dramatic and proactive improvement in our relations with Russia and Turkey. These countries are our land bridge to Asia. Losing them as friends would turn the EU into an island.