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    Welcome! This is Stefan Zwanzger, also known as The Theme Park Guy®. I am glad you have found us.

    Since having started my journey back in 2007 – and I have spent the price tag of a roller coaster doing this – I have acquired field insights into over 350 theme parks and attractions covering 150 countries.

    I have been on the ground during all stages of development, examining construction sites, successes and failures, having met and knowing over a thousand park owners and industry professionals in person.

    " The world's foremost authority on theme parks "

    - CNN
      (June 2016)

    " Man Spends Life Traveling the World Visiting Theme Parks "

    - Huffington Post
      (May 2015)

    This, coupled with tons of inside statistics gathered through our platforms themeparX™ and The Theme Park Guy®these reach millions of visitors – allows me to get a little closer everyday to understanding what distinguishes an attraction that works from one that doesn't. I may assist you on your journey, and do so very efficiently.

    Please navigate through the menu links to learn how I can help you. We also offer tailor-made products for a range of clients, such as
    Suppliers & Manufacturers, Owners & Operators and Executives, HR and Job Seekers. I look very much forward to hearing from you!

    Best regards,

    Stefan Zwanzger
    Founder, The Theme Park Guy®, themeparX™ & OffHotels®
    Theme Park Holding Ltd.